Yoga Trance dance and tending the sacred fire…Sun Jul 29 from 7:30-9:30pm

“Do or do not… there is no try.”

Master Yoda

Yoga Trance Dance and
tending the sacred fire

I see you everywhere
I dance for you
standing still inside
I dance for you like the tornado
powerful out side
and still inside
I change everything
Watch, every cell of my being is
singing for you
My heart is vibrating with joy and bliss
I became you

Beloved souls,
This is how I put my own experience of dance into the words after exploring and diving deep
into many different meditation techniques and styles:
A shortcut to Nirvana
For me I dissolve into something deep which cannot be explained.
letting go, pure joy, bliss and happiness are the by-products but something greater, bigger like the universe itself start to emerge in me.
I become the universe, I become the whole, I become you. We dissolve into each other and there we are…the Buddha!
one love

Yoga Trance Dance is the meeting of two great rivers-yoga and intrinsic dance-two of the oldest ways back home.
I will be holding/creating a space for you , where we can simply be in the stillness of the moment…keeping the instructions to the minimum
allowing to be spontaneously moved by an inner impulse, the music or perhaps inspired by a movement of another body…
exploring the riches of non-verbal communication, connecting with ourselves and the others…dancing a wave…
discovering on our own & as a group…moving towards a radiating stillness…
bringing our awareness on each chakra and letting go of old patters that do not serve us anymore…
recharging our chakras, refreshing and purifying our nadis the energy channels of the subtle body.

The location is

Prana Yoga college on
293 East 2nd Ave. (second floor)
Vancouver BC V5T 1B8
Parking in front of the center is limited and therefore reserved for teachers, but there is street parking available.
The date is Sunday, Jul 22 from 7:30-9:30pm.
$10 or an exchange of volunteer work
To view maps please click HERE
Please bring a yoga mat, a shawl and a bottle of water.
There will also be time to socialize.
Looking forward to seeing you all on Sun.

We will have meditation, yoga, dance and silence.

Sandra Dawn will be blessing us with her voice, harmonium and crystal bowls to deepen our experiences in our journeys.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor!

No matter what, you must let your inner light guide you out of the darkness.

Bruce Lee

Love and Light
Shiva-Shakti: Hindu. The Sacred Marriage of Lady and Lord,
depicts a condition of enlightenment where male and female human principles,
anima and animus, yin and yang, are perfectly combined in a balanced way.
The two together symbolizes the union of the male and female aspects which leads to liberation and enlightenment.


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