“LOVE is the answer” workshop with Kambiz & Krista, Sun Oct 7, 9am-4pm

The way love moves…

Come and join Krista and Kambiz in a celebration of Love and Gratitude. Love is truly our essential nature and we shall find ourselves on our knees at the altar of Love opening ourselves to our natural state of bliss. This is a meditative workshop experienced in silence so we may rest in Stillness and move into the depths of intimacy with our own being. We will share various meditation techniques including Hridaya meditation, blowing upon the embers of the heart and walking meditations. We will also dissolve into Sufi whirling, Sacred sounds, enchanting movements and the most intoxicating words of the great mystics. Come and sip the sweetest ambrosia as we toast this Universe that is drenched in Love.

This is a journey devoted to silence and meditation involving
dynamic meditations (Osho, Gurdjieff, Sufi) and more stillness meditations (Hridaya),
chosen to experience deep stillness and true awakening to intimacy with our own beings.
This is a day of the heart!
Sun, Oct 7 , 9am to 4pm
Chakra Wellness
708 West 16th Avenue,
Click HERE for map and directions.

Early bird price is $50 and it is $60 day of
this includes a light vegetarian meal

Please bring a journal, water bottle, a blindfold, a shawl and love…

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